Reader Reviews


I read your book.  It’s like serious real talk.  I did not save my body until I was married, and I wish I did.  I wish I had someone like you around to talk to me about Christ. I mean the book makes me feel like everyone has difficult. I honestly did think once you become saved you did not mess up, and if you did you weren’t really saved.  I like your book and if I can get to Florida in October, I plan to attend your event.  I would love to meet you.

Tamika Gilbert

Hi Brenda,

Am enjoying your book. Still reading it. I like how you input bible quotes into context. This the first book I have read from a black woman’s perspective. Am finding much of the dialogue uses idioms/phrases/spellings I am unfamiliar with which makes it hard to read in spots. Your selected audience probably “gets it”, though. Good luck with your sales. See you at the gym.



Just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your book didn’t put it down to the very end.



I just want you to know that this book meant everything to me.  I think that waiting to have sex until I get married is important.  I love how you wrote just how I feel sometimes.  It’s really hard, but God helps.  I thank God for you writing Sanctified Freak.  Please hurry and write the sequel.


Greetings; How are you. Great book. Your website is beautiful and fabulous!!!!