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Sanctified Freak
The Spirit & Flesh are Contrary

Tamara’s mama made sure that Tamara prayed every morning. She was brought up with spiritual values, so it was important for Tamara to wait until she was married for sex; but then she met Edward and realized the struggle was real. She soon understood that without Jesus, it was too much of a battle, and even with Jesus her spirit and flesh were contrary, for she was still a Sanctified Freak.

Sanctified Freak relates to real life with a fiction script. What happens when I accept Jesus? Does the desire to sin just go away? Not hardly. Temptations are just as real in my Christian walk. Living Holy, loving the Lord, and setting myself apart makes me sanctified, but my flesh did not get the memo. My flesh is a freak, it does not want the same things my spirit want. My flesh and spirit war against each other every day. The Word of God says kill this flesh daily, which lets me know that the flesh resurrects itself daily, so the flesh bad. Sanctified Freak will help you relate to the desires of the flesh, but not allow them to overtake your spirit.

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  • Soft Cover Edition
  • 200 Pages