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Sanctified Freak
The Spirit & Flesh are Contrary

All my life I have been in somebody’s church.  When I was a little girl, Mama and Daddy said, “As long as you live in our house, you are going to church.”  Sound familiar to anyone?

I promised my parents when I became grown that I was never going to church – and I meant it, until I became an adult and real life struggles hit me in the face, I fell in love with Edward, and things just got crazy. Edward was a little taller than six feet, weighed close to 200 pounds, skin dark and smooth, and his big brown eyes talked. Oh yeah things got crazy! This brother was fine, and I had vowed to save my body for Mr. Right. Edward sho nuff looked right to me. I then realized that I, Tamara Daniels, needed Jesus and He was the only way I could honor my vow to myself.We had an understanding about us waiting until we were married. Not that I didn’t want to break a brother off. He and I had discussed this – he thought it was great, but now Edward was  getting weak. Neither of us had given our life to Christ at this point, but because of my upbringing, I wanted to wait until marriage. We kissed and hugged, rubbed and snuggled; but with limits. Who was I kidding? After all those verbs, we ended up pretty heated. NOT SMART!

Nevertheless, mama and daddy were in love.  They still went on dates, took walks in the park, and held hands. I asked ma one day, “Ma do you and daddy still have sex?”  She looked at me, looked at her body and said, “What do you think?  Marriage is honorable among us, and our bed is undefiled. Hebrews 13:4, you just don’t be labeled among fornicators and adulterers- because then God will have to judge you.”  Hearing that let me know that they still got their freak on. My mom was always taking me into Victoria’s Secret with her. She would go into the dressing room while I waited and then come out and make her purchase. When I became a teenager, I realized my mama was a Sanctified Freak! 

“I love you Lamar.” It was Sammi, so I peeked in the gazebo and saw my brother and Sammi almost naked and kissing. It was not a holy kiss either. Lamar replied, “I love you too, and everything will be okay, I promise. We will tell everyone later, after Lil Ma’s graduation. This is her weekend.”